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Triplex by Fay Golson
Triplex (3 in Set)

Feasting With My Father's People by Fay Golson

Feasting with My Father's People

Informal Garden by Fay Golson
Informal Garden
Oviform H by Fay Golson
Oviform H
GIGA1 by Fay Golson
GIGA2 Fay Golson
Two of Infinity by Fay Golson
Two of Infinity
Snow on the Rocks by Fay Golson
Snow on the Rocks
Red Tape by Fay Golson
Red Tape
39 Acres and A Cow by Fay Golson
39 Acres and A Cow

Long Day by Fay Golson

Long Day

Maritime Memoir by Fay Golson

Maritime Memoir

Running From the Past by Fay Golson
Running From the Past

Portrait of an Artist

Portrait of an Artist

There are times when only the lushness of oil medium will produce the rich results.
The textures, the colors, even the smell of it....there's nothing like it.

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