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Fay Golson

Multimedia Artist

oil, oil pastel, encaustic, pencil and assemblage

background in architecture & design

Fay Golson, Salida Colorado Artist


If the mind is allowed to wander into uncharted territory, the unexpected will happen. This leads the work to its full potential and allows the media to be mixed as the piece dictates. The possibilities are endless as are efforts to investigate new avenues of expression. An experimental component of random form is combined with a solid foundation in composition and color emanating from a design background. This approach to the work allows freshness of idea backed with years of practical application in the studio. May the exuberance experienced in its creation be shared by the viewer.


I live and work in central Colorado. My artistic endeavors started early at preschool age when my mother delivered a set of tempera paints to my room. The magic of mixing two colors that produced a third were wondrous. After graduating from the School of Architecture at Auburn University with a degree in Interior Design, I began a 25 year career of designing professional and commercial spaces while working within architectural firms and later as an independent consultant. During that time, I attended courses at colleges and workshops to develop my skills in painting and photography.

After moving to Colorado and partnering with five other artists, I became partial owner/operator and President of Articulation Gallery, Inc., an award-winning gallery representing over 30 national artists. I now spend my time managing my studio in Salida, Colorado while working in various mediums. Adapting new mediums and techniques to the work as well as experimenting with old ones infuses the working studio with a lively and exhilarating karma..

Auburn University, Auburn, AL Bachelor of Design, School of Architecture
Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX Graphic Design
Tulane University, New Orleans LA Oil Painting, Art Appreciation
Brookhaven College, Dallas, TX Oil Painting, Intermediate Drawing, Photography
Anderson Ranch, Snowmass Village, CO Oil Painting
Paula Roland Workshop, Santa Fe, NM Encaustics
Colorado Mountain College, Leadville, CO Historic Preservation
Apogee Studio
304 East 2nd Street, Salida, CO  81201
719.539.2213      Email Me
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